I have 20 years of experience providing nutrition care in the areas of wellness, eating disorders, body image, maternal/child nutrition, diabetes, cardiovascular and kidney disease, and gastrointestinal disorders, to name a few.  

My approach to care is encouraging and non-judgmental. I believe clients are more likely to pursue behavior changes when they feel heard and respected. I help clients learn about nutrition and its impact on the body, eat mindfully and intuitively, trust their hunger and fullness, and develop an overall healthy relationship with food. These core concepts can be applied to all nutrition concerns.

My passion is to support individuals in making informed food choices for life-long wellness by applying evidence-based, patient-centered care. My treatment approach addresses the what, when, why, and how much we eat and also the environment, emotional and mental aspects of one’s experience.

I enjoy working with multi-disciplinary treatment teams comprised of medical professionals (primary care physicians, nurses), mental health professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists), and dietitians.